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An estate with an ideal location

Nestling in the exquisite hills of central Tuscany, our estate of 9 hectares overlooks an exceptionally well preserved landscape which alternates between the ochre of ripe wheat and the peaceful green of the neighbouring forests. The 27 holes of the Castelfalfi Golf Club extend to the east of the property and the ruins of a strange house to the north are a proud testament to the place chosen by Roberto Benigni to shoot his film “Pinocchio”.

A veritable haven of peace in the effervescence of Tuscany, our holiday farm is not far from Volterra, the centre of Etruscan culture, or from San Gimignano, the most photographed medieval city in the country.

From the vast olive grove that extends over a large part of the estate, we extract a high quality organic oil using an ancestral process of first cold pressing.


Target "zero footprint"

The buildings in Monte Casone have been luxuriously restored according to original plans and have been awarded the much sought after energy performance certificate A+.
In order to achieve this a number of green technologies were used during the renovation, such as a closed loop geothermal well system, pyramid shaped under-floor heating and cooling, polarized low emissivity windows, wood fibreboard insulation, dual-flow ventilation and, in addition, the construction of a solar power plant which generates around thirty megawatts of electricity per year. This resolutely environment friendly approach has enabled Monte Casone to reduce its fossil fuel consumption to zero for all the tertiary part of its operation.
This is part of what makes Monte Casone so unique: the harmonious combination of respect for its heritage with the luxury of the installation and respect for the environment.